Auto Accidents


Car crashes are among the most common causes of accidental injury and death nationwide and they take a devastating toll on victims. The total annual economic loss caused by motor vehicle accidents is estimated at nearly $22 billion. The most common cause of accidents statewide is reported as being failure to control speed, followed by driver inattention, failure to maintain lane, failure to yield right of way at an intersection, and unsafe lane changes.

Whether you have been injured in a collision caused by a driver who was texting on a cell phone or you have lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, you can count on Rothstein Law Group PLC for help. Our attorneys take pride in helping accident victims claim compensation for their losses, and we are ready to take immediate action in your case. A lawyer from our team can meet with you in the hospital or at your home to discuss your concerns and help you determine how much your case may be worth in a settlement or jury verdict.


When people drive past the scene of a motorcycle accident, they commonly assume that it was the result of reckless or dangerous driving on the part of the motorcyclist. While this is sometimes the case, it is far from always true. In fact, research studies, such as the Hurt Report published in 1981, have demonstrated that automobile drivers are at fault in a majority – as many as two out of three – of motorcycle accidents. Whether the driver directly strikes the motorcycle, runs the rider off the road, or causes the rider to be thrown from the bike, the consequences for the rider can be disastrous.

There are some motorcyclists who take risks by riding recklessly, but most of them ride defensively, taking considerable precautions to avoid being involved in an accident. Even the most safety-conscious rider has very little protection in the event of a crash. Whereas car drivers have seat belts, air bags, and a steel chassis to keep them safe, a motorcycle rider has little more than a helmet or safety clothing – if that. Riders will typically go out of their way to avoid a collision, but the same cannot be said of all drivers. If a driver fails to check blind spots or to look before changing lanes or turning, then a rider may be struck and catastrophically injured or killed.

Motorcycle crashes can have life-changing consequences for the rider. Injuries such as severe road rash, bone breaks, traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord injury may never fully heal and may even leave the rider with a permanent disability. Whether you want to pursue damages in a personal injury or wrongful death claim, a motorcycle accident attorney from Rothstein Law Group PLC is ready to meet with you to review your legal options. We have been helping clients claim their compensation for their injuries since 1973 and know how to get the results you deserve.   Contact us for a free consultation to get started on your case!


Anyone who gets behind the wheel of an automobile assumes a major responsibility to avoid causing accidents, and this is particularly true in the case of commercial truck drivers. Truckers receive special training before they can receive a commercial driver’s license as they have to be able to demonstrate extra skill in handling their enormous vehicles. A fully loaded semi-truck can legally weigh as much as 80,000 pounds – up to forty times more than a normal passenger vehicle – and is therefore far more capable of causing devastating damage in a collision. If the trucker or the driver’s employer caused your accident through some type of negligence, then you should be entitled to claim monetary damages in a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

As soon as we accept a case involving a trucking accident, our team of professionals goes to work in gathering the evidence to prove our client’s claim for damages. We look for evidence that will serve to demonstrate that the trucker is responsible for causing the accident or that the trucking company is legally liable. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates hours of service (HOS) to ensure that truckers do not stay on the road too long before stopping to rest. If the driver violated the HOS regulations, then this may serve as evidence of negligence. Similarly, if the trucking company failed to perform routine inspections and maintenance on the truck, then this could be grounds to hold them responsible. Take action now by contacting Rothstein Law Group PLC so that we can begin working on your case.


Pedestrian accidents are a serious problem in Metro Detroit area and throughout the entire state of Michigan. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National Pedestrian Crash Report ranks this state as being third across the country for the number of fatal pedestrian accidents, with 8.7% of all pedestrian deaths in the nation. Locally, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents is on the rise. According to statistics provided by the local Police Department, pedestrians accounted for 20% of all traffic fatalities in 2010, but this number increased to 41% in 2011.

When a car strikes a pedestrian, the consequences of the accident can be devastating for the victim. Whereas automobile drivers have the protection of seat belts, air bags, and thousands of pounds of steel, pedestrians are exposed to the full force and impact of the accident. Knowing how much they stand to lose in the event of a crash, pedestrians will typically exhibit great caution to avoid being involved in an accident; however, the same cannot be said of all drivers. Drivers frequently cause accidents by failing to check blind spots before turning or backing out of a parking spot. When it can be proven that the driver is at fault, the pedestrian has a right to demand financial compensation for the accident.

Contact us if you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident. We can help you pursue compensation in a personal injury or wrongful death claim and will stand by you throughout the entire process of your pedestrian injury case. Our firm consisting of accident attorneys, take pride in holding drivers accountable for hitting pedestrians, particularly in light of the fact that many of the victims of such accidents are children and elderly people. Let us put our skill and experience to work in claiming the compensation you deserve!


If you have lost a family member to a fatal accident, then your own life has most likely been thrown into disarray. Not only do you have to cope with the emotional pain of your tragic loss, but you also have to find a way to handle the enormous economic impact of the accident. Fortunately, state law provides you with recourse to seek financial compensation to help you offset this burden.

Economic Damages 
These are any and all pecuniary losses that you have suffered in connection with the accident. This can include your expenses for medical treatment of the condition that led to death, as well as your costs for the funeral and burial of your loved one. You can additionally claim compensation for the financial contributions your family has lost in the form of income that you could have expected to receive in the future from the decedent.

Non-Economic Damages 
This category is generally subjective and is intended to compensate you for pain, suffering, mental pain, emotional anguish, loss of consortium, and loss of companionship and society. There is no objective guideline for calculating non-economic damages, but the figure should be large enough to provide fair compensation.

As caring personal injury attorneys, we have been fighting for accident victims since 1973, and we have a proven track record of success in helping our clients claim compensation. Whether you have lost a loved one in a catastrophic car accident due to a motor vehicle accident, explosion, nursing neglect, medical malpractice or any other negligent act, we want to help you receive an insurance settlement or jury verdict large enough that you are not forced to shoulder the financial burden of the accident. This no doubt will be an incredibly difficult experience for you and your family, but it is not one that you have to face alone.  Call today and schedule a free consultation!

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