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After an Accident - Time Is Not on Your Side

The after-effects of a car accident may feel overwhelming, and the average person may need time to process what has taken place. However, even when your injuries and property damage is the fault of another driver, don't falsely assume you have all the power and control.

There are laws and other parameters in place that make it critical for accident victims to respond quickly. Use this guide to learn more about how time affects personal injury claims.

The Statute of Limitations Represents a Dead End

States set limits on the length of time an accident victim has to file a claim for their injuries known as the statute of limitations. In Michigan, this time frame is three years. Keep in mind that statute of limitation laws are generally unwavering.

No matter the degree of the injuries or the total cost of medical treatment and property damage a victim has sustained, if the person failed to submit an injury claim within three years of the incident, they will likely be unsuccessful in their quest for compensation.

The state will allow the other party to dismiss the claim, and the court will likely affirm this request. Your financial future could depend on this limitation, so don't let it expire. 

Treatment Doesn't Have to Be Finalized

A common misconception is the idea that all injuries must be diagnosed and treated before a claim can be submitted. However, the claim process is nothing more than a notice; a notice to the insurance company or another party that you're injured, and you plan to seek compensation.

The extent of your injuries and even the total cost of your injuries are all factors that can be worked out during the claims process; they don't have to be resolved beforehand. If you have submitted the claim, then you're protected, even if the statute of limitations expires before your treatment is resolved.

Medical Bills Will Add Up

Doctors' offices, hospitals, and pharmacies are in the business of providing care and sometimes this care can be really expensive.

When you seek medical care after your accident, and you have not submitted a claim, you will be responsible for covering the cost of the care. Frequent appointments and prescriptions over the course of a few months can quickly add up, even if you have insurance. The sooner you file a claim, the sooner you can be reimbursed for these extra expenses.

Injuries May Be Misrepresented

When a victim takes their time to file a claim, their injuries may be misrepresented, which could result in the undervaluing or dismal of their claim. For example, consider someone who injuries their knee during a car accident. The person doesn't go to the hospital, and six months after the car accident, they fall down the steps at home and hurt their knee again.

If the person does eventually go to the hospital and file a claim for the car accident, the insurance company might argue that their knee injury is not the result of the car accident, but instead their fall. Accident victims should file a claim right away to ensure their injuries are documented and time stamped to avoid this type of situation. 

When you're injured due to the actions of someone else, you should not have to pay for your care yourself. You should fight to ensure you receive any compensation you're due. At Rothstein Law Group, we help our clients with this goal. If you've been involved in an accident, then we encourage you to act fast to protect your rights. Give our team a call today to learn about our services.