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The Importance of Documenting your No-Fault Auto Claims

Documenting auto claims
When involved in a serious auto accident, the last thing someone wants to think about is answering questions and filling out paperwork but completing an application for personal injury protection benefits, signing medical and employment authorizations, and submitting No-Fault claims in a timely manner is critical to your receiving the No-Fault benefits you deserve. Failing to file an initial application for No-Fault benefits within one year from the date of your auto accident can result in a complete bar in recovering of any No-Fault benefits. Insurance companies look for any excuse to limit their exposure and pay out less benefits. Do not give them any added ammunition to deny your benefits.
Documenting, documenting and documenting everything is key to your recovery of No-Fault benefits. Asking for help from friends and family members in keeping up with the paperwork while you are focusing in on treatment and getting back to your old self is perfectly acceptable so long as the accuracy of the documentation is maintained.
Clients frequently ask me if they should continue to document and submit claims even after the insurance company has suspended their No-Fault benefits – the answer is YES. If a lawsuit is filed on your behalf and benefits are then in dispute, this documentation is essential to proving your case. Your injuries and treatment of course should be your number one focus on the road to recovery however documentation and timely submission of claims is also very important and essential to the successful pursuit of your No-Fault benefits.