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Why Dog Bite Infection Lawsuits May Be Necessary

Dog Bite Wound
Dog bites can happen even if you're at a friend's or family member's house and the dog, who has always been friendly in the past, bites you. This unfortunate situation is one in which lawsuits are often necessary to ensure you get proper medical treatment. Without this kind of treatment, severe infections could attack your body and threaten your life. 
Dog Bites Are a Very Common Problem 
The sad truth about dog bites is that they are one of the most common issues in legal and medical care. For example, American Family Physician reports that dog bites cause one percent of all injury-related visits to the emergency room. And in most cases, these bites are from a dog that the person knows and trusts.
These bites can be not only physically injurious but also cause real problems between friends and family members. For example, if the dog that bites you belongs to your best friend, a good chance exists that the two of you may end up fighting about it. Sadly, a severe dog bite can end a friendship because of a lawsuit. 
That said, this scenario is sometimes unavoidable. Dog bites not only cause tears on the skin but can also expose you to various types of infections and diseases. In this scenario, your friend with the attacking dog is liable for your attack and may have to turn to their insurance to pay for your care. And, according to the Insurance Journal, their coverage is likely to pay an average of $32,000 in your case.
Animal Bite Infections Are Often Severe
Why do animal bite lawsuits pay out so much money to the injured party? These high payment rates are likely due to the regularity of dog bite infections.
The study "When your best friend bites: A note on dog and cat bites" reported on the types of infections that dog bites could spread and how often the infections occurred. They found that at least 3-18 percent of all dog bites infect the bitten person. While this is much lower than the 28-80 percent of infected cat bites, this is still a serious problem.
Another study, "Microbiology of Animal Bite Wound Infections," reported on the various types of diseases and infections that can occur after an animal bite, including: 
  • Pasteurella
  • Streptococcus
  • Corynebacterium
  • Bacillus
  • Fusobacterium
  • Propionibacterium
These bacterial infections can cause serious health problems, including weakness, tremors, problems with breathing, severe heart problems, and even death if you leave the infection untreated.
Therefore, you shouldn't be afraid to pursue a lawsuit against a friend for an infection, even if the lawsuit threatens your friendship. Taking care of yourself with immediate treatment is too important of a task to ignore, and you shouldn't have to pay the price for ignoring your inflection.
Treatment Is Often Multifaceted 
The moment a dog bites you, go to an emergency room or a doctor right away. Do this even if you don't have insurance because any delay increases the chances that an infection will spread. And since dog bite infection care often requires different treatment methods (such as painkillers and antibiotics), you should talk to your friend about having them pay for it.
With any luck, you and your friend can work the situation out and avoid a serious lawsuit. If you and your friend are close enough and they care about your health, a real chance exists that they'll pay for your treatment as a goodwill effort. They can use their insurance to pay for your care. If your friend chooses to fight you on this issue, you may have no other choice but to pursue a lawsuit.
Immediate care for these types of injuries is critical to protecting your health and well-being. Contact Rothstein Law Group if you have a dog bite to learn more about your legal rights.